2022 Alternative Scholarships


We are offering two additional scholarship opportunities for 2022!

Sadly, our two Springhouse Farm placement scholarship recipients, Rachel Doran and Ciara Russell, were unable to travel to the United States due to Covid travel restrictions this year. Our board has decided to offer them the opportunity to apply the scholarship toward placement for next year when we hope restrictions will have been lifted. Therefore, we will not be accepting applicants for our Springhouse placement for the 2022 breeding season.


As an alternative we are offering two additional opportunities for 2022. These scholarships are one-time only and are designed for students to avail of opportunities without having to travel.


University of Kentucky Fourth-Year Equine Science Student Scholarship

This scholarship will pay for one semester’s tuition at the University of Kentucky, for a student beginning their fourth year in the university’s equine science program, for the fall 2021 semester. If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply on the University of Kentucky website. Applicants will be forwarded to us through the University of Kentucky.


Irish National Stud Tuition Scholarship – Irish Citizen

This scholarship will pay the cost of attending the world renowned 2022 Irish National Stud Programme in County Kildare, Ireland, for an Irish citizen living in Ireland. The program will commence in January 2022 and run through June. Interested applicants should apply on the Irish National Stud website. Applicants will be forwarded to us through the Irish National Stud.